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BuzzFeed Master Quiz: A proposal

15 Feb 2014

Everyone is buzzing about BuzzFeed quizzes. What font are you? Billionaire tycoon? Parks and Recreation character? Which US state do you belong in?

These quizzes ask you a bunch of sillyrelevant questions and ostensibly give you an answer based on them. Some of the questions are repetitive and are potentially relevant to multiple quizzes (assuming that they are relevant to any).

BuzzFeed should devise a Master Quiz that’s kept on file for each user. Whenever the geniuses at BuzzFeed come up with a new quiz, it might ask a few extra questions that are specific to that quiz, but will take into account the answers to the master quiz and all previous quizzes the user has taken.

As users take more and more quizzes, BuzzFeed will have a huge number of answers in its database, which they can use to improve the accuracy of quizzes. They could also send out email alerts telling users whether they are a hipster or what arbitrary thing they are without them answering a single additional question.