Guan’s blog

My GnuPG/PGP key is available on Keybase or for download here. The key ID is 48DC370E and the fingerprint is
44FE 23DB 362F 611C 0CC3  116B D49B 113D 48DC 370E
My OTR fingerprints are:
D74BCB4B 62CD83DE 0ECC0B2E 4B5D95B6 F468BF50 (AIM)
91C537D5 7C7AB0D2 2E3185A1 0224D5D6 2A0154E8 (Jabber)
052C214E 0A30E27B CF7EAA0B 6B92C2EB E47288D8 (Google Chat)
Signed document of my non-GPG keys signed with GPG